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Heya i am the very first time right here. I stumbled upon this particular panel and that i find It truly useful & it helped me away much. I hope to give something back again and assist others as if you helped me. All the best, Hostessy


Thank you for writing this you saved me a a lot of open work with this particular suggestion!


从前,有个呆儿子,娶了一个好媳妇,拜堂后入了洞房。呆儿感到稀奇,就问媳妇:“嘿嘿,我把你喊什么名字?” 媳妇好气又好笑,就回他一句:“喊阎王爷。” 新婚之夜,夫妻各睡一头,妻子就用脚去勾丈夫,呆儿被勾醒后,不知搞啥名堂,就喊他的爹:“爹,你来看,阎王爷在勾我。” 他爹一听吓一跳,就大声禀告阎王爷;“阎王爷啊阎王爷,我儿还年轻,我已经老了,要勾你就勾我吧。”


你震或者不震, 日本就在那里, 不偏不倚! 你恨或者不恨, 历史就在那里, 不忘不幂! 你气或者不气, 钓鱼岛就在那里! 不中不日! 你拜或者不拜, 鬼 社 就在那里, 不人不鬼! 让地震住在日本人心里, 或让日本人生活在地震里, 我不救不援! 坐在电脑前, 满心欢喜! 日本鬼子说钓鱼岛是他们的, 结果海 笑 了........


背包男: 王先生吗,站牌上的广告是你贴的吗? 电话那头: 是啊,是啊,欢迎你来电咨询。 背包男: 曹尼玛!挡着站牌,害的你爹座错车


Hello, i am not accustomed to passing comments on discussions, but i am quite impressed by this website, and so i will definitely visit again


Introducing Sew Many Ruffles - Sew Many Ruffles

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