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April 02, 2010



This is a beautiful set and I'm sure your sister will love it!

I haven't tried machine stitching on my projects and I really want to try it but I'm afraid of "hurting" my machine :-(


Such beautiful cards!!!! tfs...as for learning something new..i need to learn how to use glimmer mist ...i just don't get along with them too well....have a great day!!!

Jacky S

A stunning card.

Beth Marohn

These are fabulous & I KNOW your sis will love them! I would!

I have probably tried just about every technique out there, except for one simple one & that's crumpling paper! Not sure why not tho...


Such a great idea! I feel like I want to do something for my sister too! Something that I want to learn would probably be misting :) TFS!


I have used alcohol inks but only very basically. Would love to find more techniques for those.


Great idea, beautifully executed, and I'm sure your sister will love them.
I would like to know how to machine-sew paper successfully - I'm hopeless with a sewing machine!


Wow, what a gorgeous card and giftbox. So inspiring!

Janet Zeppa

Awesome project!
Not really a technique but I want to start playing with Copics.


Not really a technique, but I want to learn how to make cards, I am so horrible at them.


Love the colors!! Glad I have two sisters, they would love these.

Melodie Casey

I'd love to learn how to combine patterned papers. I can't seem to do it right unless I copy what someone else has done.


You are so right is is nice to tell your sister that you care. I am going to make my sister a card. Your gift set is awesome!

Melodie Casey

BTW-I love your cards-you do know how to combine patterned papers beautifully.

Charlotte D

Love your card!

I have always wanted to learn alcohol inks, and those amazing ribbon flowers we're seeing right now.


Linh C

Awwww, these are so cute!

Something I've wanted to try is machine stitching. Maybe it's more to do with how to use my sewing machine to stitch on paper. :)


I think the Sister Day is a great idea! I'm still back in the dark ages - haven't been able to get my stamps to not smear when I'm using them.


These cards are fantastic! Thanks for inspiration

Angela Holt

Hummm, a technique I would love to learn!! I'm all about learning something new so it would have to be crocheting on paper!! Yeah, I would to learn how to crochet edges of paper!! Love love love your cards, the colors are soooo perfect for a sister!! Creative Snaps to you!! (snap) (snap)


I have never used alcohol or stiching and would like to learn. Sister day would be a great day.

April W

Gorgeous work! I looooove the colors. One technique that I'm still wanting to try is heat embossing. I've wanted to take the plunge for a while but haven't done it yet. ;)
- April


I wish I had a sister, I have a wonderful sweet brother but it would be nice to have a sis... but my sweet SIL makes up for that bigtime :-)
I am fairly new at scrapbooking so I am in ooh and aah all the time and want to learn as much as possible :-)

Amy Myers

Beautiful card! I have three sisters and would love to send them a card like that.

I'd love to learn how to stitch more on my projects. I see it on so many but just can't seem to get it right for me!


Beautiful cards! So many wonderful colors and layers!


Beautiful , love what youve made. as for techniques...um im not sure i could definatly do with some help sewing on my lo's
Kate xx


Holy cow---that card is amazing! I can't stop staring at it!!! Yea, I gotta get me a sewing machine...I have no idea to sew, let alone on my SB/card projects!

Cheryl P

That is beautiful!!! She is going to love it!


Beautiful card, I love learning all the different ways to make paper flowers !!

Pamela Reuter

Gorgeous, and there should be a sister's day! I have always wanted to learn how to dry emboss.

Stephanie Christian

Beautiful card! I would love to make one like this for my sister, she's my best friend.
I have always wanted to stitch on a card or layout. I have the sewing machine and material, but I'm not sure how to do it without messing up the paper.

Kristal Barrow

Love this set, it is gorgeous! Would love to learn how to use inks with making the paper flowers.

Penny B.

Your pocket card is wonderful!

Susan Z.

I'm terrified of alchohol inks. I have a few colors and the applicator and pads but all I seem to do is make a BROWN mess!!!


Great card! I would like to learn how to heat emboss. Never tried it!


Really!? Your creations are stunning!! My fav so far:)

Amy Alvis

Gorgeous cards!!


What a beautiful set..... this just may be my first project in my Craft Studio today.


Michel E

Love the colors in these projects. Would like to know more about machine sewing paper.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com


Such amazing use of the BoBunny line.

I have a craft paper sewing machine just sitting my my craft closet...too scared to mess something up to use it and it has been sitting in my closet for YEARS. I would love to learn how to use that in cute and creative ways.



Kelly Massman

I love both of your cards! The colors are so pretty! I would like to learn some origami techniques! :-) Thanks for a chance to win!

Shannon M  White

wonderful card and envelope!

Teresa Jaye

Love your beautiful sister gift, I'm sure she will too! I see that you are a Copic Certified Designer - I have never learned how to use Copic's and would love to see tutorials on some of your techniques.


Hi! Love your blog and that is a beautiful card and gift box set!!
One thing I've wanted to learn but haven't gotten the hang of it yet is using embossing powders and well, stamping in general.


Sisters are the best! And it just gets better as you get older...cute card and envelope. I love flowers and I've always wanted to learn how to make dimensional flowers out of paper. Thanks for the opportunity!

Pam Spradlin

I love all the details that you used on the card to bring it altogether. I would like to learn about the Perfect Pearls from Ranger. What do you use them for and how?


LUV this card and gift box set!!! Amazing!

Jennifer Hansen

I keep saying I'm going to learn how to stamp.

jlh774 at gmail dot com

Jessie Pepper

Beautiful cards!!! Hmmmm??? I tend to try everything???!!! Read a few posts and decided it's crocheting that I haven't tried yet!!!!! One day....

Michelle B

Loving all the different patterns used together on one project. I don't have a sister but for my Mom this is perfect. Thank you for the creativity :) One technique I haven't done yet and would love to is making flowers out of ribbons.

Cathy Donahoe


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