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December 31, 2006



Oh yeah! Totally love this book! I read it about a year ago and it really made me think.

One friend of mine said that she didn't like the ending, because SPOILER ALERT

she felt like that he "trapped" her into waiting for that moment for the rest of her life...

but I agree with you- totally appropriate ending. If a loved one of mine had passed on, and I knew I would have one more chance many years later to see them, I would totally be looking forward to that day.


If I ever get around to reading the two that V lent me to read, I'll pick this one up.LOL! Happy New Year! Hope 2007 is a wonderful year for you and your family.

Theresa Forseth

Hello - I just stumbled upon your blog today and am really enjoying it!! In fact, I hope you don't mind, but I've already included your link in my blog roll. :)

Anyway - I read this book around the time you posted this comment - and thought it was an amazingly imaginitive book! I try to read at least one book per month, and every year at Christmas, I give my favorite books to my friends and family members who love to read. This was my book of the year!! I still recommend it to this day!!

Take care and keep up your amazing work! Thank you for sharing your talent with me and the rest of the blogosphere!!!

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