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May 01, 2010


Monique L.

Love the card you created!!!! And love the give-away!! The reason I scrapbook is to preserve as many memories as possible for our family (and because I can't help myself .... I'm so addicted, I just HAVE to scrapbook, LOL!). Happy NSD!!


I scrapbook because I want to tell our life story :) Thanks for the chance to win and happy NSD!


Like Suzanne, I like to tell the story of our lives and make a memory. On the flip side, it's a creative outlet for me - cheaper than therapy! LOL! Thanks for the chance! xo


"I am bound to them, though I cannot look into their eyes, or hear their voices. I honor their history, I cherish their lives, I will tell their story. Therefore I scrapbook" I'm not sure where I found this, but for me this is the only reason I scrap!


I scrap because it makes me happy! My therapist told me to do something every day that makes me calm, and scrapbooking is it, lol!

Cheryl L.

I scrapbook because I love paper(I think I'm a paper addict), love beautiful designs, love being able to be creative and want the people in my life to remember things that happened that we all sometimes forget about as the years roll on. It sometimes is my therapy to forget the bad things in life. Thanks for the chance to win!! Happy NSD!!!

Kim Wolff

Happy National Scrapbook Day! I am hopping by. Beautiful layout! I love to scrapbook because it gives me peace and joy .

Kim M

I have always loved looking at old photo albums and when I happened upon scrapbooking, I could see how I could preserve my family's memories is a much more fun and interesting way. Plus it is a major source of relaxation for me.


I have always been in love with papers, used to collect stationaries then later on gift wrappers :-) then along came my daughter and i just don't want to look at her pictures, i want document her life, our lives in a special way. It's the best way to relieve memories and of course, there are the papers! :-)

Melinda Wilson

I scrapbook to leave my future family the wonderful memories we all shared.

Ashley Neumann

I scrapbook because i like to create things, ive always been crafty and i love doing altered crafts as well. i am a stay at home mom and scrapbooking is my outlet, i go back through pictures of my childhood and wish that my parents would have writen the names of people in the pictures and what age i was or other important info but none of them are labled and i dont want my kids of thier kids to wonder these same things about their pictures, so ive gona a step forward and am scrapboking everything to tell their story so as they grow up they can look back and experiance things they dont remember or favorite memories. ive always been big on pictures and this is my way of paying it forward. Happy NSD!

Amber Scurlock

I love to scrapbook and remember stories, but if I were to be TOTALLY honest, I'd have to say I love the supplies - it's such a creative outlet!!

April W

I scrapbook to remember the feelings I felt with each picture I take. To remember those moments forever. Plus, it's just so much FUN!! ;) Thanks for the chance to win!!
- April W

Michel E

I scrapbook to preserve my family's memories.

marie sierra

wow!! very pretty card christine! thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us!
marie sierra

marie sierra

ooops! i forgot to say why i scrapbook! im a paper addict , and i love taking pictures to capture what the family is doing, i love going thru old photos, and did i mention i love paper?

Carole Stirrat

Such an adorable card, TFS!! I'd have to say that I scrapbook as a creative outlet.


I scrapbook so my children/grandkids will always have my special memories and stories.


This is just lovely...I actually put this line of paper as my top two favorites...you did a fabby job on making this card.


Scrapping is my creative outlet and stress reliever. It also is a way for me to get my photos out of a box or off my camera and to preserve some favorite memories.

christy a

I scrapbook because it is a great creative outlet for me and at the same time I get to preserve memories of my kids and our life together. Love the card!

Laura Stewart

I just think it's fun!

Marieke H.

I scrapbook for a lot of reasons. One is that I am both left brained and right brained and it balances me out. I love the creative outlet. I also think preserving our histories is important. It shows where we've been and who we are. I think it's important to mark the big and little moments in our lives. It gives me perspective.

Catherine Oakley

I scrapbook to leave a legacy for my family someday.

Kelly Massman

Such a cute card! I scrapbook so I can feel creative.

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

That's a gorgeous card!! I scrapbook for many reasons. Some of the reasons I scrapbook are for the sheer pleasure of it. I'm addicted. Period! lol But the biggest reason I scrap is because I lost my Mom early. Because of that, I don't have a lot of the stories behind the photos I don't have a lot of the pictures I would like to have. I just talked about this on my blog yesterday, in a tribute to my Mom. (it was the anniversary of her death). I want to leave my child what I didn't have. The story of his dad and my life and the story of his life too.


your card is so cute!

i scrap for the artistic outlet! its for me!

MD Kajak

Love the card, super cute!

Teresa Matz

Happy NSD!
I scrapbook for me, I need to be artist.

kate blue

I scrapbook because it keeps my stress levels in check, and it shows my kids that I truly am artistic is some small way!


I scrap because it's creative, but mostly to get lost in the memories as I create.


i scrap because it's not only a hobby, it's a passion.

i love, love, love victoria's street collection. happy NSD!


I scrap cos it helps me be very creative...

Jennifer Hansen

I love getting to play with all the pretty papers and embellies!

jlh774 at gmail dot com

Angie S

Not only do I scrap because I love the smell of paper and the feel of the embellishments but it's a great way to preserve my life's memories. Happy NSD!

Kristie Maynard

I scrapbook for a few reasons. I love to be creative and this is just one of the ways I do that. I also want memories preserved for myself and my family. It is also a great stress relief.

Misty Rose

I do it because Alzheimer's runs in my family and I want to look back on my life when I am old...I do it for my son who is a only child...I want him to remember everything...and help me remember too! Plus how can you say no to all the paper and embellies, and glue, and all the other things...I am addicted!

pam bray

I scrapbook because I like to revisit my memories and have happy thoughts. Love the layout, love Nikki and her work also

Cynthia B.

I scrap to preserve the memories of our family for my children, and also to enjoy the process. It's such a great feeling to finish a page I'm proud of!
Thanks for sharing your card with us! Ellie's Day Out is such a cute line.

Angie Smith

I scrap for my children. I almost lost my life in 2006 due to heart issues. Thank heaven the medical staff were able to shock my heart back into rhythym. I have been blessed to maintain my rhythym since while scrapbooking the past so my sons will know their ancesters.


I scrapbook for various reasons, mostly because I want my kids to remember thier childhood and the people in it as my memory is not the best ;) I also scrapbook as a creative outlet and because I just love scrapbooking stuff, especially paper! :D


I don't have kids yet, but I hope to soon...I scrapbook because I want my kids to know everything about my life before them. Then once I have kids, i will scrapbook so that their kids will know everything about them, and I hope they will continue to pas down this wonderful hobby. I am currently scrapping my 2 wonderful pups because I want to remember everything about them and all the wonderful memories we had together, after they pass on.


When I create a layout I try to capture the all little things that touch my heart so that long after I'm gone my children will have a reminder of just much being their mother meant to me :)

Rosemary Palmer

I scrapbook now because of the creativity it allows as I am telling my life's story, and creating heirlooms for my family. Almost like the country song, "I was scrapbooking, when scrapbooking wasn't cool". I have scrapbooks from high school, (35 years ago).

Erika M

I scrapbook to give myself a creative way to express myself!

june Street

I scrapbook because of the creativity, reliving the memories, a desire to pass something of my life on to future generations I will never know, and because it is just plain FUN!!!!


LOVE that card! I scrap for my family,and for my sanity!


Hey Christine - so good to see you yesterday! I like to scrapbook because I love to play with all of the fun paper and gadgets that go along with it and I love the way the finished product is something that I made myself!!!


That is a beautiful card!! Love that paper!

Why do I scrapbook...I want to remember all those wonderful times! You can take a picture, but that doesn't tell the whole story, so I make it stand out and I journal so we don't forget! I want my scrapbooks to go to my children and my children's children. It's a way of sharing my experiences with my great grandchildren even if I'm not around to tell it myself!

Have a wonderful day!!


I am just starting to scrapbook! I have been jealous of all th ewonderful layouts out there and figure, why not!!! The pictures are just sitting in a box or on the computer, so let do something pretty with them!

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